Q: What sports will the UW team coach?

A: Basketball, Cheerleading, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and Team 45 (a motor skills program for 4- and 5-year-olds). Each church can choose any combination of these five sports to offer at their camp.

Q: What’s the difference between having a morning camp or evening camp?

A:  Nothing except the responsibility of hosting our staff. The morning camp provides host homes, breakfast, and lunch for the UW team while the evening camp provides their dinner. To check availability email Tim.

Q: What facilities are needed to run a successful sports camp?

A: We can do camp at your church, at a park, or a nearby school. Call our office at 843-540-3312 to discuss if the facilities your church has can make this happen. You may be surprised what works, as you do not need as much space or land as you may think!

Q: What is the cost of camp?

A: The base cost is $4,560. This allows for 80 children to come to camp. If you think you are going to have more than 80 kids email Tim to discuss options. Having more than 100 children can get you a discounted price per child.

Q: What if our church is small or we serve a economically challenged demographic in our region?

A: UW wants to serve the whole body of Christ and we have designed financial programs for those churches that are unsure whether they can reach the 80 kids or the $4,560 minimum. Give Tim Conrad a call at 843-540-3281 so we can discuss the particulars.

You can also purchase our materials and run camp on your own. Check out the Resource Camps information or call 843-540-3312 for more information.

Q: What is the hiring process for your summer staff?

A: All summer staff go through multiple interviews, reference checks, and a background check before they are sent to a church. They also receive a week-long, hands-on training on the curriculum and their responsibilities as a summer staff member.