Q: How many people make up a UW team?

A: There are normally four to five people on each UW team, and each team normally has a head coach (team leader), assistant coach, and interns.

Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: A normal camp day involves leading two different camps, one in the morning and the other in the evening, with some free time in the afternoons. Many teams use their free time to relax, see a movie, go to a baseball game, or do some sightseeing.

Q: Where will I stay?

A: The churches you will serve during the summer will provide host homes for you. The churches and host families will also provide for the majority of your meals during the summer.

Q: What if I cannot commit to a full summer?

A: For National teams UW makes allowances for a wedding attendance or other excused 1-3 day absences in the summer. For more than that, UW trains and recruits local teams in certain regions of the country that have a schedule that is not as travel heavy and allows a part of a summer involvement. For more details call Tim Conrad at 843-540-3281.

Q: What is the difference between National Teams and Regional Teams?

A: In 2019 UW began a series of local training sites that trained a second team for that Region of the country that can do other camps in the region, besides the ones that are lead by one of the National Teams. The Regional Teams are usually two week periods of camp and are close to your home or hometown. For more information, call Tim Conrad at 843-540-3281.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Anyone who applies will be required to raise $450 in support. Regardless of when the application is submitted, everyone will also need to provide their own way to Bluffton, SC training at the beginning of the summer. At the end of the summer, each intern will be paid $150 per week (Head coach and assistant coach positions are paid more) for the weeks of summer they worked after their Training week.

Q: Am I required to pay for my own food, transportation, and lodging?

A: No. Other than getting yourself to Bluffton, SC, UW will provide for all of your traveling expenses, food, and lodging throughout the summer. You will need to pay for personal items such as toiletries or anything ‘extra’ above your team’s weekly Fun Money allowance.