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Change for Change

Would you like to see kids that cannot afford to go to a church-based sports camp get that chance? Then join our “Change for Change” offering project that will allow your kids at your sports camp, VBS, or in your Sunday school to help other kids in international and USA urban locations have the chance to hear how Jesus can change their lives for eternity!

Your children will catch the vision for missions and see how they can have an impact by their willingness to give their change. It literally will be change for change! Half the money goes to a region or state of the USA and half goes to an international country where UW has churches running camps. You choose the region and the country where your money will go.

If you choose to participate, we have the offering materials all ready to go. All we need to know is that you would like to help and when you plan to take the offering.

You will receive a short DVD that helps the kids see how they will be helping other children and where their money will be going. You will get a specific follow-up report in September to show the impact of that offering and the camp it produced. In addition we will send you two orange cone offering plates (one for boys and one for girls). We have found that a little friendly competition between the boys and girls, along with a set goal, will result in a generous offering that God will use to expand His Kingdom.


To help inspire the children to give, we will also send you three evangelism soccer balls to be given away in a drawing at the end of your collection.

All the loose change from children all across the United States will help us change children’s destinies by giving them the opportunity to hear about Jesus at a sports camp hosted by a church where they live!

Please contact Tim Conrad to get started.