9FOLD is a two-part global initiative of UW Sports Ministry.

Part One is a global prayer initiative for all of UW Sports Ministry. It is a call to every friend of UW Sports Ministry who wants to see the gospel of Jesus Christ go out through churches!

Part Two is a funding initiative for all UW Sports Ministry’s international efforts. We are asking God to multiply our impact in the world. We are seeking a 9FOLD increase in transformed hearts, resources, and the training of international churches, pastors, and leaders.

How do I become a 9FOLD Prayer Partner? 


By clicking this link (9Fold Sign-Up) and filling out the form you will become a member of UW’s worldwide prayer movement and agree to pray regularly for UW as the 9’s remind you: the 9th of the month, 9 am or 9 pm, or any time UW’s number “9” comes to mind.


On the 9th of the month you will receive an email with nine prayer requests and updates from the various aspects of UW’s world of ministry. UW’s goal is to have thousands of believers praying for the hand of God to be placed on its work.

How do I become a 9FOLD Giver?

To become a 9FOLD Giver, simply fill out the form HERE. By doing so you are signing up to give $9 a month (or multiples of nine) each month towards the training and equipping of international pastors and church leaders.

One-time gifts towards 9FOLD are also possible and appreciated. Click here to be guided to our general donation page and give to 9FOLD as a special project.