Cory Bradow has been with UW Sports Ministry since 2011. The Lord has brought him full circle starting as an intern and now working towards being a full-time missionary with UW. Cory and Danielle received degrees from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. Cory met his wife in 2011 at his first year of UW. They got married in August of 2017They have two daughters Brylee and Parker. Cory was named President of UW in October 2021.

  •  Why did you decide to join full-time staff?  My wife and I met at UW during our first summer back in 2011. We felt the call to come back summer after summer. We both fell in love with UW and God started to hint to me (Cory) that UW is where He wanted me. We both love that sports is such a universal language and is able to draw people into the church and closer to God.
  • What is a favorite ministry moment?  Danielle and I got the opportunity to do camp in the Denver area. Most of the time UW sends us to a church for only a week and you might not live near them to go back and visit, but we were living in Denver at the time. After the summer was over that church became our home church. Later in the fall the church had their baptism and we had the opportunity to watch kids that we presented the gospel to take the next step and get baptized.
  • What is one area of the world you would most like to visit?  Norway or Sweden
  • What is your favorite sport team?  The Minnesota Wild
  • What do you do for fun?  Danielle and I enjoy spending time together outside either walking our dogs or tossing a ball back and forth.  If we are not outside then we enjoy watching a movie or show.  Finding and trying to cook a new recipe together is one thing we love to explore.

4026 Wards Road
Unit G1 #104
Lynchburg, VA 24502

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