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UW Sports Ministry is a National Ministry that operates sports ministry with churches in Eight Regions of the USA from Hawaii to the East Coast.  Each region has ministry leadership that UW disciples in sports ministry throughout the year.  There are also three quarterly gatherings (Passion, Reach, and Coaches training) that happen in person that make the discipleship and training effective and life altering.

National Staff

If you are interested in a full time missionary commitment, contact Tim Conrad

UW Year-Round Connections

There are various ways you can be involved with UW year-round. We are more than just a summer camp ministry; we are a family that connects throughout the year to grow together!  We have various events throughout the year that you can be a part of.

  • Fantasy Football– interact online with UW through this.
  • Passion– Located in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium December 31st– January 2nd . UW will be staying in a house near the arena. We will have the chance to grow in our faith together and bring in the new year in worship. Get your tickets before the price goes up at
  • Reach Gathering–  A sports ministry conference in April in  Ridgecrest, NC for our coaches in leadership. This is an opportunity to learn from different people in sports ministry and how to grow in this ministry. We also improve summer planning during this conference.
  • Day of Prayer– You can join us on a WebEx video call during Day of Prayer so we can all be praying for each other and others serving in ministry.
  • March Madness- We have a bracket pool for March Madness through CBS. Winners will be awarded at training week.
UW Action Teams:
  • Social Media– Connect with staff, churches, and volunteers through social media. Maintain those summer relationships year-round. Share your stories from the summer and invite your friends to join us next year through social media. Consider joining our social media team if you have experience in communications and want to help us connect better throughout the year.
  • Prayer & Discipleship– Throughout the year we want our staff to continue to grow in their faith and be discipled. Consider joining this team to help connect our staff year-round on a spiritual level.
  • Summer Staff Recruitment– Talk to your friends about your experience with UW. Invite them to join us next summer. Sharing your story is often what inspires others to be a part of something greater. Find people that you know have a passion for sharing the gospel, sports, and children. Also encourage staff that there are school credit opportunities on UW summer staff for internship purposes. Join us for events such as Georgia BCM event “Confluence” and South Carolina BCM event “Converge”, to help recruit summer staff,
  • Church recruitment– We need churches just as much as we need staff. Every one of you attend a church. Talk with your church youth pastor, missions pastor, or sports director about camp with UW as an option. We would love for you to serve your home community with UW as a partner.
  • School Recruitment– Contact your athletic department at your school and ask about setting up a booth to recruit on the behalf of UW. So many student athletes are looking for opportunities over the summer to coach. Many sport’s major departments will also allow you to promote it as a school internship credit opportunity. Many students are more willing to serve if they know they will get college credit for it.
  • Computer Research for Regional connections.  Helping find churches and get contact information.
Levels of Year-Round Commitment and Long-Term Commitment:
  • Volunteer Staff- Dedicating a couple hours a week of your time to help us with various things on the action team you are participating in.
  • Regional Residency Staff- Dedicating more time to growing UW as a ministry in your home region through a partnership with a local church. This has a small stipend and requires more time and commitment.
  • Full Time Missionary- Raise your salary in support to work with UW full time. You will grow UW as a ministry across the country and around the world. Connect with various people across the country and tell them your journey with UW. This is a full time commitment.

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