Launch Weekend

Launch Weekend is one of the most exciting moments in the annual calendar of UW Sports Ministry. For 24 years UW Sports Ministry has been training people how to use its award winning curriculum. Each year the theme changes in our seven-year rotation. June is when the new curriculum cycle begins, running through May of the following year.

Launch Weekend is a special celebration of UW that debuts the new curriculum for the year and coincides with the beginning of the Summer Ministries training week in Bluffton, South Carolina. This year, Launch Weekend will be on May 29th, to June 1st/2nd, 2020.

Launch Weekend is for every person connected with UW.

  • All UW full-time staff
  • UW Board members
  • All Summer Staff: coaches, assistant coaches and interns
  • Partner churches and ministries
  • Several churches in Oklahoma City area
  • International Partners of UW Sports Ministries

Invitees include:

  • UW Donors
  • Four and Eight Day trainees from churches and ministries around the country
  • UW 9FOLD partners
  • Parents and families of UW full-time staff
  • Church leaders from various denominations and associations

Launch Weekend begins on Friday night, May 29th, 2020, and ends on Monday night (June 1st) or Tuesday morning (June 2nd). The cost is based on your level of participation. For a four-day observer, it is $95. This includes five meals, a UW Polo or special T-shirt, and a Launch Weekend materials packet. Discount hotel rates are available with the Hampton Inn. Individual days are $50 and includes meals, a UW Polo, and Launch Weekend materials.