USA Church Sports Camp Training

UW Sports Ministry’s vision is to see churches in the USA using sports as an evangelism and discipleship tool. One of the easiest sports ministry strategies any church in the world can do is to create a camp or clinic outreach. Along with its Director’s Manuals that self-train the church in a step-by-step breakdown, UW offers two other tools for USA church training: a video series and four- or eight-day practicum.

Video Series

Tim Conrad has created 11 videos that church volunteers and staff can watch on their own time to receive personal insights on running a sports camp/clinic from someone who has done sports ministry for 39 years. These videos will augment the Resource Director’s Guide.

Four- or Eight-Day Practical Sports Camp Outreach Trainings

During the first weekend in June in Oklahoma City, UW Sports Ministry hosts its Annual Curriculum Launch which coincides with the opening of UW Summer Ministries sports camp training. A hands-on practical church/ministry sports camp training will commence Friday night and can end either the following Monday night or Friday night depending on the level of training selected. Limited spaces are available.